Sunday, December 14, 2008

Welcome to the TrendSpot!

We think that trend watching is more than spotting the next new color, fabric, or hot designer. We believe it’s observing and understanding what’s driving the trend and then figuring out:
how it impacts your business;
how to counter any threats
how to capitalize on the next wave of opportunities.

The famed “cool-hunters” of the mid-90s were just one-woman shows, independent designers who noticed some interesting changes and realized there was an opportunity to be had. Recognizing and responding effectively to trends is great way to grow your business: it’s fun, it fits into your natural abilities as a designer, and it’s easier than ever.
So at the Trendspot,we’ll present and brainstorm consumer and interior trends. We’ll discuss what is truly driving each trend, and relate those findings to our industry and your brand. We’ll generate new ideas about what you can do to create a powerful brand and we promise to be thought-provoking and inspiring, always leaving you with not only fresh product knowledge in terms of design direction, but also forward-thinking ideas that aid in being a sustainable business today, tomorrow and beyond.

Finally, we invite you to be an integral part of this experiment. We want to hear what you have to say; we want to see what you’ve been spotting; we want you to join in on the collective design intelligence of the TrendSpotter’s community.

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