Monday, December 22, 2008


Cold enough for you? As I write this here in Illinois it’s 4 below zero – without the wind chill. These bits of energy information just came across my desk and they're worth talking to your clients about. Don’t forget to order samples. We all know that lining a window fashion enhances its beauty, protects it against the elements and extends its life. But did you know that using lining or lining and interlining raises the R- Value and helps out with energy costs?
Kasmir Fabrics recently provided these stats on lining :
Fabric plus Nightline (blackout) - increases R value rating by 43% over unlined draperies
Fabric plus Enhance- (napped sateen) increases R value rating by 80% over unlined draperies
Fabric plus flannel and Gem (lined and interlined) increases R value rating by 310% over unlined draperies.
Speaking of linings, did you also know that Designware has just introduced Prima Sateen All Natural. It’s 54” wide and 100% sustainable drapery lining finished without bleach, dyes and chemicals.


  1. Welcome to blogland. As a soft treatment professional who has been blogging for a year and a half I can tell you it is a very fun and educational experience. I'm lookig forward to reading your posts.

  2. Thanks Jackie!
    We're already having fun with this. Send us your blog link and we'll add it to our blogroll. We love to hear what other pros are saying.