Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SPOTTED: Owls Popping Up Everywhere

One of the first times I was camping, I spent it under a string of plastic owl lights strung under the awning of my soon to be in-laws’ Airstream. In the trend world, everything cycles and Owls are back- popping up everywhere for home décor.
Looking for a fresh approach on our designer love of birds, we’ve seemed to turn to owls. Their graphic silhouette translates well onto fabrics and motifs. The theme also plays well is our love of nostalgia and all things 70’s. After all, aren’t Mustard and Wasabi Green really just the reincarnation of avocado and gold?
Where: Home décor retailers, fabric houses, bedding, Ebay, jewelry,
Why: Their shape and form fits in with our love of graphic pattern; Nature’s inspiration-another take on our long standing love of birds; urge to rekindle childhood memories
What’s Next: More motifs of exotic or endangered birds playing off the green movement and environmentally conscious client. This could go either way- kitschy chic patterns or sophisticated designs a la Charley Harper or Audubon. Can pink flamingoes be far behind?
The owl is known for spying what others can't with its keen ability to see at night. The solar-powered Night Owl Floor Lamp by Rick Lee can help you find your way through the night.
Pottery Barn's Olivetta Owl bedding features this season's "it" bird sitting regally on pine boughs and blossoming flowers. The bedding translates the look of block-print artistry onto 100% pure organic cotton, woven to a soft percale. Plus, with an Oeko-Tex certification, you can rest assured knowing that no harmful substances were used in its manufacturing.

Charley Harper's Limited Edition Serigraph of owls. Can't afford the real thing? Check out Old Navy's Charley Harper collection . Old Navy's Creative Director Todd Oldham is a huge Charley Harper fan.

This wood veneer vinyl wall decal comes in 6 sizes priced from $4.00; what an inexpensive way to get your owl fix.

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