Monday, September 7, 2009

SPOTTED: Bag a Scraps

You might be familiar with the hip clothing company, American Apparel. They have always been in the forefront of new and innovative ways to make cotton knit more exciting. They were one of the first retailers in Second Life, Crowdsourcing is their middle name and their efforts to up the American consumer’s taste levels through innovative non-American products is admirable. But when I saw their latest venture all I could say is GENIUS! American Apparel will now be bypassing design and production altogether and opting to sell the Bag-O-Scraps, which the AA website describes as :

“collected cuttings from some of your favorite fun fabrics from around the
American Apparel factory to make one-of-a-kind bags of scrap fabrics. Use them
for all sorts of arts and crafts. Make clever jewelry, accessories, a card for
your grandma or a colorful hanging sculpture for your apartment. Each bag comes with a zine (printed on scrap paper, of course) with five fun and easy scrap
projects, complete with how-to instructions.”

Workrooms and designers take note- those plastic garbage bags of scraps and unwanted leftovers are your next money maker. If AA can do it so can you!

They also encourage buyers to then send off pics of their own creations to be featured and maybe have their chance at 15 minutes of fame.
Think about it- sell your scraps with a how-to booklet; set up a flickr account to upload images; run a contest; build a community- What a brillant idea! If you take this on please keep Trendspot posted- we’ll help spread the word!

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